Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday 1st in May

Wow, it's May already. The year seems to be flying by so fast. Added to the time flying, I feel like I'm not making as much progress with my projects as I would like. I'm not sure if that's due to my giving up my one project at a time work ethic for multiple projects going on all at once. It seems one is always more interesting than the next, or some such. I don't think I've actually bothered to list them all since my first WIP post at the beginning of the year!
Anyway, this is what I've been working on recently. Baby quilts for my Etsy shop. This newest one is a rag quilt. My first one ever. I can't say I'm in love with the process. I think I broke my scissors while fringing. I'm still not done fringing, that's why it's still "in progress". The fabric is Deb Strain Meadow Friends. I purchased some type of sampler pack on Etsy that had the whole line, but the sizes ranged from 12x9 to 12x15. I still have the girlish prints that I'm theoretically supposed to turn into another rag quilt. We'll see! At least I can cross this off my quilt bucket list.

I'm still working on this Deep Deep Sea baby quilt. It took me months to decide on a backing, then I went with something I had in my stash that kind of reminds me of bubbles. And that's how I decided to try and quilt it, too. With bubbles. Or as they are now, just random circles all over. This is another one I'm hand quilting, only because I thought I would mess up the circles if I tried to do it by machine. You know, missing the turn and ending up with a corner or something like.
I sewed a few more blocks of this quilt I started back in 2008. I had intended to work on it earlier this year, but then I misplaced it again and just recently found it. With all the talk of curves quilting lately and those retro blocks, I feel kind of proud that I actually started out early with the curves without too much trouble. I hope to do a few of these a week and finally get this done!
And I sewed a few more of my Shooting Squares Apple of My Eye blocks. I really wish I had perhaps fussy cut the fabric before I dived into this project. Alas, the pieces are all cut, so I will stick it out. Luckily I have most of my FQs left for a future project.
I've made some progress on the husband's car quilt, but I do find it harder to work on a project when I don't really care for the fabrics. No picture to show, but I promise, I did work on it! Linking up with WIP Wednesday.
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  1. What a list of projects! I love the deep deep sea baby quilt. That's so cute. What great colors and quilting!

  2. You've got some great projects going - everything looks great!

  3. I really love the deep sea quilt. Darling prints and colors!

  4. i've never made a rag quilt. i'd like to try it sometime. those shooting square apple of my eye blocks are beautiful. everything looks great!!!

  5. I can feel your pain on the rag quilt! I've done 3 of them - all for other people. And although I have fabric to do one for myself, I think I need to psyche myself up for it first!


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