Friday, May 4, 2012

It's in the Bag

I finally found the the patterns that I purchased recently and then almost immediately misplaced. Just today in fact. Since I did find them, I decided I'd better go ahead and try one of them before I lost them again.
That's where this 1 hour pattern for a shopping tote comes in. Of course, there's a little star on the front, next to the number 1, and in small print it says that 1 hour is only for the sewing part. Ha ha. I believe I spent about 6 hours on one simple bag. And I still ended up with a part that I'm totally confused by.
Let's back up a bit though. First, since this would be my first attempt at this style bag, I did not want to use any of my "good" fabrics. I pulled out some fabric that I purchased about 3 years ago at the thrift store. I had intended then to use it for totes, but as you can see, it's taken me 3 years to get to it!
These were my choices.
Very similar, and both the same type of stiffish, gauzy fabric. I have no idea what they are, but I think they are pretty. Also pictured is the pattern that I used.
I went with the blues, just because I like blue the best. The pattern is for an unlined bag, but as this fabric is a bit see-thru, I decided I should line it. Again, I pulled out some unidentifiable fabric that I had found at the thrift store, only this was in white.
I know there's a proper way to put a lining in a bag, but seeing as how this was only supposed to take an hour, I decided to just try sewing the white to backs of the printed fabric pieces. This worked out well for me. There were 3 options for finishing the handles, piping, rick rack and something else I don't remember. Turns out, I had the perfect shade of green rick rack in my card making supplies. Making piping would definitely have taken longer than an hour.
So far, everything is straight forward. I made it, no mishaps, but the pocket has me stumped. I swear I have it attached just as indicated in the pattern, but I just don't understand why the rounded flap would flip up from the bottom to attach itself, via velcro(which I haven't attached yet), to about 2 inches below the pocket opening. I just don't get the purpose of that flap. I will have to review (again) and see if I reversed something somewhere.
Anyway, the bag/tote is already out on its maiden voyage with my daughter. She loaded it up with her computer and mask supplies and off to her friends house she went. I guess I will have to make another test one in the other fabric.

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