Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Stash - Now with 100% more Moon Rabbits!

I skipped posting a Sunday Stash last week so this week will have double the stash goodness.
Fiona at Finding Fifth has created a new button for Sunday Stashing and link up, so go grab the button and show off your stash!

From one of my favorite Etsy Shops, Blije Olifantje I found these Moon Rabbits in navy. There are 3 other colors I think, but I like the navy best.
And from the same shop, here are a few prints that I thought might work well with all of my upcoming Zakka sewing.

With all of the fun animal prints floating about I've thought of collecting a few to make a fun animal quilt. To that end, I've picked up some Ed Emberly prints, and this Monaluna sheep print from SimplifiFabric on Etsy.

My hopes are to somehow work these Michael Miller Tammis Keefe prints in with the animal prints, though the Keefe prints are much larger.

A few pieces that have been out for awhile, but have just recently made their way into my stash.
These all came from Del Ray Fabrics. There was supposed to be a piece of Birdie Spokes, but that got left out in the shipping. :(
Half Moon Modern and Vintage Clocks in aqua.
Painters Canvas in several colors.
Layer Cake of Salt Air.
And on the local front, from my Joann's Fabrics store
Some more dots! I love dots, can't resist. I wish they had these in more colors.
My Daughter is a Star Wars fan (as am I), and thought she would like to have something made out of these prints.
And, with coupons and the remnant section, my little collection of linen and linen-like is growing.
And the last item. My daughter gave me this for Mother's Day!


  1. Ooo with those cute Japanese print and colourful are going to be unstoppable once you join the Zakka Style Sew Along. Can;t wait to see what fabrics you choose for the projects. Thanks for linking up with 'Sunday Stash', I appreciate it. I am trying to iron out a few glitches with inlinkz and buttons though.

  2. Awesome stuff! We're fans of star wars here too, that fabric would be a hit. :) That book is in my wish list as well (along with too many other ones...) :)


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