Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Stash Just a Wee One

I have been so, so good with not ordering any fabrics on the internet this last week or so. Unfortunately, that means not a lot to show for my Sunday Stash!
I did pick up a few pieces at Joann's during the 1/2 off clearance fabrics the other day.
The 3 prints on the left are Fabric Central I believe. I was very drawn to the bright colors, and since I picked up several patterns for bags and things, I thought they might work for that. The other 2 prints were from the remnant bin. Of course the dots had to come home with me. I love dots!
And, some little birdies from Heidi Grace. I think these looked very Kawaii for a chain shop. Also, another Fabric Central print. I already had some of this, but got 1 more yard since it was now clearance and may disappear.
And here's a some pattern stash. I love when they have the $1 pattern sales. I buy a few that I hope to try, and if I don't use them, I'm not out too much money.
Hopefully I'll get to try these out over the summer months.

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  1. Ah are good to tone down the online shopping. That birdie fabric is so sweet. Joann Fabrics sounds very similar to our Spotlight chain. Most quilt fabrics are around $12.95 AUD/ per meter but Denyse Schmidt is $16.95 So I usually wait for the sales. So what is the Joann regular price average? You can see why we Australians would rather buy online from the US and Japan.

    Thanks for linking up at Sunday Stash...I still have a few layout issues to sort through but at least this week the links were visible!


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