Saturday, May 5, 2012

Seek and You Shall Find...AKA Thrift Store Finds

And if not exactly what you were looking for, still darn close! I may have mentioned that I was going to add some linen to my stash to use in some upcoming sewing projects. Since I have to pass the thrift store on my way to the fabric store, I thought it couldn't hurt to stop and see if just maybe they had some linen that I could practice with. While I am interested mostly in the natural colored linen, as that's what all of those fun Zakka projects seem to use, I was open to any color I might find.
I think I hit the jackpot. At least my sister, who sews clothes and loves linen, thinks I hit the jackpot. I did not find any natural linen, but I did find this lovely piece of raspberry colored linen. 6 yards actually. And for only...wait for it...$3.99!! Is that crazy or what? At the fabric store they are selling their linen for $16.99/yd. This is what my find looks like, although probably prettier in person.

Since I'm occasionally nice, I'm only keeping 1yd to play with and giving my sister the remaining 5yds. She already has the pattern picked out and could be cutting into it right now... Other fabric finds at the thrift store today, this lovely red/white pinstripe. I believe it's vintage, but there isn't anything on the selvedge to identify it.
Then this one, that I'm calling a cotton lawn. I don't know that it's lawn, but it makes me think this is what lawn may be like. Again, no identifiers on the selvedge.
And a periwinkle linen tablecloth to play around with. There are a couple of small spots here and there, but it was cheap and the color is pretty.
I also found two bed sheets. I have been much more strict with myself regarding sheet buying. I have perhaps 200 sheets or so, and I am really out of room to store them. I will probably have a big sale soon to try and cut down on my stock. In the meantime, I am only getting what I really like and know I would use myself if it doesn't sell. So, brown and butterflies!
In other news, I made another bag before I went out shopping this morning. I used the other print that I showed in yesterdays post. This time I did the pocket a completely different way than what the pattern called for. I also did my lining differently. This time I sewed wrong sides together then turned inside out this way I didn't end up with such raw seams when sewing the front and back together. Because of that change, I had no need to finish the strap with rick rack, just some top stitching to neaten things up. My daughter claims to like this one better than the other. I like them both equally, and may make them in the medium and small size, too.
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