Monday, May 7, 2012

Not Your Zakka Style Sew Along

I keep seeing all the posts from the Zakka Style sew along and am starting to get jealous. When it was first announced I concluded that I didn't really have any use for most of the stuff that people were going to be making. Now having seen them, my mind has opened a bit and am thinking of ways that I can incorporate those items into my life.
Enter speed bump. I'm not willing to buy the book sight unseen. This is where my library system usually comes in, but none of the branches has a copy. So, I will be requesting they order it, so I (and many others!) will be able to give it a look-see.
In the meantime, what they did have is Rashida Coleman-Hale's other book, I Heart Patchwork.
It states 21 irresistible Zakka projects to sew, but I bet I'll be able to resist a few.
So, this is me, having my own little sew along. I'm going to sew a few of the items in this book that appeal to me. I already know I want to do the lamb. It reminds me of the Mollie Monkey Doll I made a few years ago for my grandniece.
Of course, this means I'll have to get some more stash additions coming up!

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