Wednesday, May 30, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday Revealing my Shame Edition

Ok, may shame is too strong of a word. But this is the Wednesday that I reveal all of my WIP/UFOs, not just the ones that currently interest me. I'm doing this in the hopes that some of you out there will also reveal your UFOs and decide to join in my challenge for June!

So right now, all of these have no progress. I haven't sewn all week. Since it really got warm over the past weekend, it's kind of sapped my desire to sew...

Here's a quilt I started working on pre-Christmas 2011. I was all gung ho for Christmas quilts months and months ago, now, not so much. I'm not sure how many blocks I have made, I just know it still has a ways to go.
Next was my foray into apron making. This one is a half apron that still needs to have the waistband attached.
I forget the pattern name of this quilt, but it is one I started spring of 2011 I believe. Alternating rows of brown and tan blocks with different fabrics at the centers.
My Swirl Stars quilt from long, long ago.
Apple of my Eye quilt
Sophie quilt from vintage sheets
My Precious double hourglass quilt
And a few tops that are awaiting backing inspiration.
Happy Mochi Yum Yum Zig Zag quilt
Central Park quilt
and Delighted baby quilt.
I think I've included everything that is currently unfinished. It's possible that I may have forgotten something, somewhere.
My reason for showing all of these is to introduce a month long challenge for June to try and finish up as many of these as possible. Capture small I'll be having a few prizes for participants and hopefully we'll all be inspired to get some of your UFOs out of the way before Summer (in the US) gets fully into swing!
Details and the link up should be up tomorrow.

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