Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Stash New Denyse Schmidt!

I was totally surprised to find Denyse Schmidt's newest line for Joann's in the store yesterday. I had stopped in to pick up some batting, backing and a few odds and ends and just decided to look at the premium fabrics section for some of her older prints that I was low on. Meadowlark is the name of the new line, and from what I saw on her Facebook page it looks like there are 12 prints. While I was in the (first) store I found 8 of the prints. They were mixed up in several locations, and not knowing how many I was searching for I may have missed a couple. That's why after I came home and looked up some info, I headed back out the the second store. There I found 2 additional prints for a total of 10. Looks like I'm missing 2, and no sign of them on the Joann's website as of yet.
And now I'm left wondering what prints they might be getting exclusive in Australia. I wonder if Fiona will keep me posted...
In other stash news, I decided to try some of these Lisette fabrics that are so eye catching. These were also to be found at Joann's. They are an apparel collection item, but 100% cotton and not stretchy, so I'm hoping they will be fine for quilting.
I've a few other items that I haven't photographed, so those I'll share for another day. Happy stash building!

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  1. more surprised than I Simone. I had no idea that she even had a 'Meadowlark' line coming out. It could be a while before it hits Spotlight stores here in Australia - 'Aunt Edna' has not even arrived here yet. But I will keep you posted for any Australian only prints. Thanks for keeping me posted about this new line, as ever.


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