Monday, April 2, 2012


The April block of the month for the In Color Order BOM was a pinwheel block. Having already made two pinwheel quilts I was pretty familiar with this block. Only this time, I made the blocks using the alternative HST method that was posted at the beginning of the year rather than the traditional method. Last month when I tried using the alternative method from memory, I ended up reverting to the traditional without even realizing it. This month I was on my toes and everything went off without a hitch. I really enjoy using the alternative method. Next pinwheel quilt, and there will be a next, I will use this method exclusively.
Anyway, here's my block. I've used DS Quilts Sugar Creek in Gingham Nut Cornflower and the same print in green. The other gingham prints are DS Quilts Picnic and Fairgrounds.
Oh, and this time my block measured 12.5" square exactly! Finally.


  1. Oooo!!! I'm a fan of Greys and Greens!! I've been using the alternative method myself, I like it :). Still can't figure out why my blocks all turn out to 12" sq? I'm probably cutting them too short maybe?? Hmmm..

    1. I know for me, it's usually my seam allowance that makes my blocks end up short. If you're squaring the individual blocks to 3.5", then I would look to seam allowance as the culprit.


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