Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can't Take My Sunshine

After having made my Citrus Splash quilt I started having a love affair with the color orange. I was quite sure I would be making another quilt similar to that one, sometime soon. It didn't happen, but a different idea involving orange and yellow popped into my head and that's what I started working on last night and early this morning. I'm calling it Can't Take My Sunshine.
I thought I would be making this out of more vintage sheets because A) They're pretty! and B) I didn't believe I had many orange fabrics. Boy was I wrong. Before I went through my sheet stash, I decided to just see how many orange fabrics I had, just in case I wanted to go that route.
It turns out I have way more orange fabric than I thought I did, and not as much yellow.
Those bundles don't include any solids, and a few other miscellaneous pieces were not included. Having so much orange, I decided to go ahead with using fabric rather than sheets.
I made the 4 sunshine blocks that will be in the quilt this morning and am really itching to make the rest of the blocks; 4 4-patch, 4 9-patch and 4 big solids. However, it's a really nice day and the thrift stores are calling my name, too, so maybe this evening I'll jump back in.
Here are my sunnies, which were made by piecing strips and using strips for two blocks, then cutting up the strips for postage stamps for two blocks. I then used my Accuquilt to cut the circles, and added Heat & Bond. I have to say that my machine did not like sewing through the Heat and Bond, it would skip stitches. I've never used it before, so I'm not sure if that's the norm.


  1. very cute sunshine blocks. I use heat & bond but only handsew with it so can't give you any feedback about sewing machines. Enjoy your day and looking forward to seeing more of your quilt.
    @ Bits 'n Bobs

  2. Your blocks are adorable!!!!! I think I've only used heat & bond once, but I don't remember having any problems with it. I wonder why your machine is skipping stitches :(


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