Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Still haven't had as much time to sew as I would like, but I have made some progress on the Plus Quilt. It has 17 rows of total. I've sewn up 8 rows so far, so that's about half way.

Some of the time I could have been sewing, I was instead cutting out pieces for 2 more quilts! This is a stack of Delilah by Tanya Whelan that I'll be making into a baby quilt, I've actually started to sew these together, I just don't have an updated picture to show.

And this is a stack of Central Park by Kate Spain. I'm making myself a quilt out of this. Specifically, one similar to this one as seen on The Elven Garden blog. I think it is just gorgeous. Mine will be similar, but I won't be using the animal prints. I have my pieces cut, just haven't started it yet.

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  1. The plus quilt is looking fantastic so far!

    I'm a new convert to Kate Spain's fabric - the Central Park looks gorgeous. And it's important to have a quilt just for you!

  2. Love the colors in the plus quilt. Yellow, black and white is pretty popular this week.

  3. I'm really falling in love with the combination of grey and yellow. Your Central Park pieces are so happy and colorful! I can't wait to see how they turn out. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I saw your Plus Quilt in the line-up at WIP Wednesday and thought it was lovely. A friend of mine made hers in orange, pink, and purple, and it turned out just as spectacular as yours!

    Beautiful work!

  5. Great job on your plus quilt! That is going to be amazing! You are brave cutting into your Central Park... mine is still in it's wrapper. I am afraid to commit to a pattern, I love too many of them.

  6. Love your Plus Quilt and I am guilty too of cutting into something when I should instead be working on completing something instead :)

  7. Your plus quilt looks good! I finished a plus quilt top recently and it's aqua, yellow, green and grey. It was fun choosing colors.


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