Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Stash

It's Sunday stash time again and this week my cup runneth over! First, I have this nice little stack of Denyse Schmidt's prints that I received from my friend Fiona. She's purchased from my shop several times and this time she set up a special listing for me in her shop. Some of these are the prints that were only released in Australia, like the red Sweet Nut Gingham on top.

Next, some more Denyse Schmidt! I a few of the Flea Market Fancy Legacy prints in half yards from Hawthorne Threads. I am still awaiting my fat quarter bundle for this line, but there were a few prints that I knew I'd want a bit more than a FQ, and they have arrived first.

I've long admired the Ruby line by Bonnie & Camille for Moda, but for some reason never got around to buying any, until now. It's not anywhere near all the prints, but these 13 fat quarters are a start. These were only about $2 per fq at Handmade is Heartmade. Hopefully I'll be able to collect the rest before they become unavailable.

Since I really like Ruby, it's no surprise to me that I am drawn to Bonnie & Camille's new Vintage Modern line. I keep seeing that yardage will be available in May, but I could not resist this deeply discounted layer cake from Happy Valley Quilting. Such pretty prints.
And, while I was looking around Happy Valley Quilting, this layer cake of Good Fortune popped into my cart. I only have a few pieces of this line, so it is nice to have at least one piece of every print.

And finally a line that didn't grab my attention from the get go, but grew on me as I kept seeing it in my browsing. It's none other than California Girl by Moda. I was able to get the full fq bundle from Passionate Quilter for an awesomely good price. She has a couple of other bundles for different lines that may be worth checking out.

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  1. When you post your Sunday Stash it gives me an idea of what's worth getting my hands on...I can see a few nice Bonnie and Camille prints that take my fancy. You have great taste. Great to see your Australian print Denyse Schmidt have made themselves at home in your stash. Oi!


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