Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm on Fire Saturday!

That's right, I was on fire today. I feel like I got so much accomplished as far as my quilting projects go. I was finished up my plus top on Friday and today I picked the backing from one of my many thrifted sheets, made the sandwich, pin basted and now it's all quilted and edges trimmed. All it needs now is the binding.

I was also able to do the same for the Delilah baby quilt. I was having a hard time picking a backing from my stash because I kept thinking, "something pink, something pink to match the pink". I was unable to come up with anything I liked, then I changed my way of thinking and went with something green! It's a very light green pattern, and I think it suits well enough. Now this one only awaits a binding, too.

After I did those two, I put in some work on re-quilting the purple vintage sheet baby quilt I made awhile ago on my old machine. I didn't realize until I was done that the purple thread I was using on the top was showing through on the back. I've since learned that is a tension problem. Since then I've changed to lavender thread for front and back and it looks much better. No picture to show at this time.
My final sewing activity was deciding on the layout for my Central Park quilt and getting the first 3 of 7 rows sewn. Again, no pictures, but I'm sure I'll have some by WIP Wednesday.

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