Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Stash #35

This week I took advantage of some sales at Pink Castle Fabrics on Kokka and at a shop that is new to me called The Little Fabric Shop where they actually still have some Alexander Henry Farmdale prints in stock. Prints I hadn't even known about!
First my little bundle of Kokka. After seeing the whole cloth quilt by Bijou Lovely Designs made from Nursery Versery I decided I may want to try that some day, too. Soo....

The ballerina prints and the Nursery Versery patchwork are my pieces to try that. Little Red and some mice made their way into my cart too.
My next little bundle is the one from The Little Fabric Shop. In here I've got the Timeless Treasures Scribble Butterflies in all 4 colorways. They had been sitting in the back of my mind for awhile, and since they were finally all in one shop I went for it. Next are two tiny houndstooth prints from the Sophie Collection by Moda. Then Farmdale Curio and some Chocolate Pearl Bracelets.

After I finish the Super Mario quilt, which is for one of my daughter's friends, I shall make a different friend a super hero quilt. So I've started stocking up on prints for that. The other pile of Star Wars fabrics will be another quilt for the daughter. She seems to get a lot of my quilts...:)

And, because they are on clearance now and I cannot resist! A bit more of DS Quilts from Joann's. There were bolts and bolts of prints marked down to $6/yd, but I only got a bit of the ones I liked best. For now. When they go to $3/yd I might not be able to say no.

Schnibbles times two has made it's way into my stash. I've got some layer cakes that I don't have specific plans for and this might help.
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  1. Ooh score on DS!! That's one thing I'll be shopping for when I visit back to Australia.

  2. I am a big fan of Kokka and you found some cuties there. I am also envious of that great Star Wars pair. A few of us have boys that are in that phase of youth right now.


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