Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Stash #34

I've only this one little bundle to add to my stash this week. I actually mentioned it last Sunday but did not have it in hand yet, so there wasn't a picture. Here it is, Poseidon by Robert Kaufman.

Always with my fabric buying I am drawn to all of the pretty prints and not thinking much about solids. So now I am trying to build up my stash of solids and these little bundles are a fun way to do it. Mine came from the deals section. At a significant savings from what I've seen in online quilt shops.
Now I just need one in yellows/oranges and some bluesy blues, not greenish blues.
Linking up with Sunday Stash @Finding Fifth. Come show off your stash additions!


  1. Such gorgeous blues and greens! I got home last night to find my first bundle of solids too! I went for a Quilt Con bundle of solids to get a range of colours.

  2. AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!! I love it! :)

  3. I love this bundle! I have been tempted so often to buy it - but missed the Craftsy deal!

  4. Beautiful! I linked up thanks I found another great site with local links for us down here in Oz!

  5. Simone this is a lovely bundle that will make a great quilt just on its own - have you seen some of those curvy 'Groove' quilts around blogs at the moment? See the Cafty Fox and a gorgeous one at 'Kitchen Table Quilting'. I am so inspired by some of those quilts. I have ordered my first solids FQ bundle from Pink Chalk this week - it's a starter pack. Exciting like a new packet of textas.


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