Saturday, September 22, 2012

Please Make it end Already!

You know when you start a project and you have so much enthusiasm and energy for it and it all seems so great and fun? But then it just drags on and on and becomes like a weight around your neck and you wish that it was finished so you can move onto something else? That's where I am right now. And I'm sad to say, it's because of Super Mario.
I had to speed up my pace on this QAL to try and finish the quilt by 9/28 as that is the recipient's birthday. Because of that, I've been working on nothing but this quilt for the last 2 weeks or so and am becoming thoroughly sick of it. I thought I was very near the end on Thursday, as I had finished piecing the backing and was putting the sashing on the front.
That's the backing above. I knew I would need to add a bit of a border to the back to make it large enough for the front. As it turns out, it is quite a bit shorter than the front. I'm not sure if you can tell by looking at them separately, but here's the front.

So, instead of getting ready to sandwich on Friday, it was back to the machine for more blocks. Blocks made of tiny squares. Urgh! I decided to make 3 coin blocks to go across the top of the backing.

2 are done, 1 to go, and then I shall make it all fit. And hopefully still get this quilt finished by Friday! I really like how the quilt is turning out, I'm just tired of working on it. Now, grumble time is over, back to my machine....


  1. Just had to commiserate with you. I made a legend of Zelda pixel quilt, it's one of my favorite quilts now that it's over with, but I referred to it as "the quilt of doom" most of the time while working on it. Such a load of work!

  2. I have my own Everest in the form of curtains... I hope you did get this finished in time, it does look fantastic and your seams are perfectly matched for saying you're not enjoying yourself!

  3. #Wow, the piecing is incredible! That's going to be an amazing quilt

  4. It looks amazing Simone...but I do miss hearing from you. All the best for basting and quilting.


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