Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thrift Store Finds Saturday on a Sunday

It was too late to get pictures for my finds yesterday, so my thrift store finds post comes a day late.
I'll be linking up with Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds.
First up, this lovely floral cushion. Only $1 and it has a zipper closure so that I could actually change the inside cushion if I wanted. I thought is was quite pretty so now it has a home with me.
Next up, these gorgeous sunflower curtains, 4 panels. I initially snagged these for my Etsy shop, but then I started thinking, why shouldn't I use them! I have some boring old light green things hanging in my living room windows, and I think these will make a beautiful change. I will have to modify the tops to work with our hardware, but that shouldn't be too difficult.
3 more Mikasa Plates. These are not the Ben Seibel designed ones I've been collecting, but still so pretty. I don't really have a use for these, but I didn't like the thought of them not having a home. This pattern is called Petals. The background fabric in the photo is also some vintage fabric yardage I found.
Next, an Exclusive Schumacher Screen Print! At least that is what is says on the selvedge. This is a nice bit of home deco fabric I found, and quite the season for it, too! I will be putting bits of this into the shop eventually, just have to see how much is usable.
And finally, there's this beautiful scarf full of elephants. If anyone can help me figure out the signature, I'd greatly appreciate it. All I can tell is that it's something (Gina?) Masso. Google has not given me any inkling as to the first name.

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