Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Cover for my New Kindle Fail!

This past Friday was the 12yr anniversary for the husband and myself. We don't typically give gifts for our anniversary, usually just a nice dinner out someplace.

Well this year he surprised me with a Kindle Fire! I already had a Kindle basic that he got me for my last birthday and wasn't really expecting a new one so soon.

The Kindle basic does not come with any kind of internal light, and I like to read at night before bed, so he had been a bit disappointed that I had to still use my Mighty Brite lamp to read at night, hence the upgrade to the Fire, which has light and so much more!

When I got my basic, I made a cover for it out of home dec. fabric and some really stiff craft interfacing. It came together ok, but the Singer really had trouble sewing through some of that thickness, so there were a few skipped stitches here and there.

So, having learned from the first time around what did and didn't work for me, I thought I was all set to make a cover for my new Kindle. I decided to use regular quilt fabric, thinner craft fuse and a snap instead of the velcro closure (velcro can be quite noisy at night!).

Everything was moving along wonderfully, despite the fact that the pattern I was using failed to mention a few steps. No problem, I knew what to do from wallet making.
So, here's my cover.
Notice anything? How about another picture.

Pretty, yes? Notice anything now? No? Okay, one more picture.

Do you see it? Somehow, I measured the pattern incorrectly and did not notice until I was about the put the last snap piece on. The whole time sewing this up I did not notice that it was going to be way too big for the Kindle.

I'm not despairing too much. It is fixable. I just have to take it apart and lose a couple of inches off the width. I've thought about just doing the whole thing over, but this would just go to waste and I don't want that.

Maybe this is punishment for not working on my UFOs or the many projects I'm behind on for handstitching class!


  1. Oh no!! Don't ya hate it when the math doesn't quite work?! I'm loving that outside fabric - gorgeous grey! Good luck, hope it fixes easily!

  2. Happy anniversary! The cover looks great!


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