Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thrift Store Finds Saturday and Last Day to Enter Giveaway!

Just a short mention, today is the last day to enter my UFO challenge giveaway. All that is required is that you started a sewing project before June 1, 2012 and finished sometime during the month of June. You can enter as many projects that meet the requirements. See tab at the top to take you to the details.

I did some thrifting on Monday this week, which is not the norm for me, but Savers has started having random 50% off sales during the week instead of on the weekends.
Being Monday, I had to wait until after work, and of course I had the feeling that all of the good stuff was gone.

My biggest find was 3 pieces of Pyrex in the Woodland brown print. They weren't included in the half off sale, but less than $10 for the whole set isn't bad. I dithered about getting these, thinking why get them just to have them sit and look pretty, but then I thought, why shouldn't I use them! Yes, they may get stained or scratched, but so what?. Life is short and stuff is meant to be used. So, they came home with me.

Another find that I will be keeping and hopefully using are these 4 balls of DMC Perle floss. All four for only $1. There were other packages that I left behind because the colors didn't suit, but I'm pretty sure I'll get some use out of these.

Now some finds that will end up in my shop.
I wish I had a round table to use this lovely poppies table cloth on, but I don't. I thought about cutting it up for the fabric, but prefer to give it a chance in my shop before it comes to that. Poppies are a favorite of mine, so I could definitely make use of it if it doesn't find a home.

It looks like the trim may have been added on after the previous owner purchased the tablecloth.

Another Star Wars Sheet. I've seen dresses and things made out of sheets like these. It's pretty nifty and bold of the designers. Perhaps someone will do the same for this one. Tote bags would be good, too.
Roses on black and roses on peach plaid.

And that is all I have to share for this week's thrifting finds.

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  1. The design on the bowls is lovely...but the Star Wars sheet! My boys are soooooo into Star Wars right now. What a great find!


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