Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Learn to Sew Simplicity 1935

From time to time my daughter expresses little nibbles of interest in learning to sew. I picked up this pattern in the hopes that she might be interested in trying it, as it is advertised as "Learn to Sew". Well, she wasn't really interested, but I was.

I was thinking I could use a new bag for toting around my work things, and this seemed like it would be roomy enough for my needs.

I sewed it up last week-end using some thrifted fabric for the outside and one of my Joann's clearance pieces for the lining.

The yellow ticking is a decorator canvas weight, so it should hold up to some abuse.

I did modify the pattern by not making a patchwork flap to go over the outer pocket. I didn't really want one, and had planned to just use some velcro or a snap to hold the pocket closed.
The print I picked for the lining is directional, and all of one piece. I didn't think about the consequences of that until it was too late. Next time, I would cut the piece and sew back together so that both sides will go in the right direction.

This was a very easy pattern, and the bag came together quite quickly once I had all of the pieces cut. As it turns out, my daughter asked if she could have the bag! Of course I said "yes"; it's gratifying to know that she wants the little items I make.
Now I get to make myself another one, or perhaps try a different pattern for my needs.

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  1. Pretty! It's great when someone else appreciates our efforts!


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