Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Baby Vintage Goodness

I like making these baby quilts because they provide such a measure of quick gratification. Plus, I get to use a bit of all of these sheets I'm collecting.

I liked my orange and yellow quilt so much, I thought I would try to make several more in other colorways. I've plans for a blue, pink, green and perhaps an all yellow.

Today I have a purple one. This one has been the hardest one to put together simply because I have not found a lot of sheets with purple as the main color. I don't know if it is just the area where I live, or if purple sheets were not a popular item in the "olden" days.
Anyway, I finally pulled together a sufficient amount to make a 7x7 top and that is what you see below. I've got my backing all picked out, nothing too fancy, but it is another sheet, just not vintage.


  1. looking sweet and I love your plans for more.

  2. Such a cute quilt, I have a hard time finding purple sheets too!


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