Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Stash: Meet Marguerite and Friends

Lots of goodies (at least I think so) to share this Sunday. First up, the one that I like the best out of this week's additions is Marguerite by Stitch Studios for Riley Blake. Sometimes there is a lot of hoopla surrounding a fabric line release making one desirous of the fabric well before it actually arrives. I may have missed it, but I don't recall any advertising about this line, yet I find it is so sweet and pretty.

My bundle (which I purchased from Sprightly Fabrics) is complete except for the 3 solid prints. Sorry my pictures are so poor, but that one print on the top left that sort of looks lavender is actually grey.

Next, I have Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt. This is another of her lines that have many dark and more masculine colors, like Richmond. I did end up getting them all (The Intrepid Thread) any way as I can always de-stash sale/trade if I don't use them.

And, I've come a little late to the party with some A Walk in the Woods. When this first came out I didn't see a need for me to have it, though I did like the birdies and mushrooms. I saw a quilt the other day that used some of the bows fabric and I really liked the look so I finally decided to get a bit of the 3 prints I liked the most(Moona Fabrics). The chevron on the end is the missing print I needed to complete my Madrona Road collection(Five Monkeys Fabrics).
And not to leave my local Joann's Fabrics out, I found something that reminds me of Liberty prints, and at pretty reasonable price. They only had a few of these packed florals, but perhaps they will get some more along this line. The grey circle is a nice blender print and the yellow floral was a remnant piece. The cute hedgies are a destash pick up from 1/4" mark blog.

And there was my midweek showing of the Spoonflower $1 fat quarter here.
And finally, my last two items are only temporary additions as they are on loan from the library! Again, I saw some posts by other bloggers about things they are making that involved these two books, so I wanted to check them out.
The one on the left is by the mother of Lizzy House I believe, and the one on the right is the quite popular Oh, Fransson!. There are some really wonderful projects to be seen; more items for my quilt bucket list.

And that, my friends, is the end of Sunday Stash. As ever, I'm linking of with Fiona's Sunday Stash

And just a reminder, you can enter my blog hop giveaway going on through September 3rd, here.


  1. Beautiful fabric collection you have, there will be some lovely creations made with them!

  2. Ooh that Marguerite fabric is just lovely!

    It's funny - I'm the same about fabric lines. Sometimes they don't do it for me initially, then I decide I quite like them - as they get harder to find! hehe!


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