Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday 2012 #1

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First up is a quilt I started just before Christmas. It uses Suzanne McNeill's 10-minute block tutorial on Youtube.
I actually wanted the quilt to look like McIntyreGirl's quilt, with the extra windows between the rows, but I couldn't figure out how she did it.

I just have 3 more blocks to sew together and add to the top and then the top is done!

This is the first project that I've started this year. It's going to be the All Framed Up quilt seen over on Moda Bake Shop.
I'm using Delighted by Riley Blake, which I won a FQ bundle of from Candice at Sunshine, Handmade back in November.

I've got the border strips done, and 5 of the 8 focus blocks done. I haven't a name for the center, so I will probably try some flower appliques or something.

Lastly, over Christmas break I found a project I started back in 2008! This is when I first started quilting, and I think this project was a bit too ambitious, so I gave up on it. It's the quilt from the front of this magazine.

I had all the pieces cut, but had only completed about 5 swirls. I think I will try to work this into one of those 15 minute daily challenges until it is done.

This week's stats:

Completed: 0
New: 1
In Progress: 5

BOM Progress:

In Color Order: Not started


  1. Love your brown and pink quilt!

    I just looked at the pictures of McIntyreGirl's quilt, and it looks like she applique'd the cathedral windows on in the center of the "circle". The windows definitely add another dimension, and might not be too hard to add. I don't really know, though. :)

  2. You have some fun projects going! It's always kind of fun to pull out old projects and realize how far you've come, and be able to actually finish them!

  3. How awesome that you found such an old project! I need to complete my very first quilt too. I decided to hand quilt and scoffed at machine quilting back then, hah. I like both methods, but one is obviously slower than the other. ;)

    I agree with Melissa about those cathedral windows probably being appliqued on.


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