Saturday, October 22, 2011

Red and White Pinwheel Quilt

This is my current quilting project, a red and white pinwheel quilt for my Nephew. I have this sort of goal to make everyone in the family a quilt and this one is for him. Earlier this year I had made a blue and white pinwheel quilt that used only one print. It turned out nice enough, but since there was only one print there was no definition of the pinwheels. I really wanted to try the pinwheel again, and this seemed like a good design for a guy. I used about 12 different prints for this, and while I have a bit more definition, I'm still not completely happy, so I think I will be trying this again in the future.

I also did not mean for this to end up with the patriotic red, white and blue colors. I had intended to use some Kona Ash for parts that are blue, but my store did not have any and I was too impatient to order some.

The backing is a blue and white gingham sheet that I had from my thrifted sheet collection. I like to use whole sheets when possible simply for their simplicity.

Here's a glimpse at the completed top.

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