Saturday, April 23, 2011

Long Time Gone

So it's been quite some time since I have posted! Last year I was making all excited making cards and other crafts for a craft show I was participating in. I'm sorry to say that the craft fair was a big disappointment. I did make my table fee ($55) plus a bit more, but nowhere near what I put into it. I started a new job a week before the fair so I was really unable to take off weekends to do more fairs the rest of the holiday season.

I think my crafting spirit got wiped out for awhile, as I didn't do anything crafty again until late February. So far this year I've been not in a card making mood, but a quilting mood. I've completed 3 quilts since March and am at work on my 4th with plans for several more.

When I started making the quilts this spring it was my intention to use of fabric I already had in my stash without spending a bundle on more. Oh how foolish of me to think that would be possible. Of course I had to start looking at all the pretty fabrics on the 'net, plus looking at quilting blogs and seeing what others were using fueled my desire as well. Needless to say, I'm the sheepishly proud owner of lots of new fabrics and vintage sheets, which I am determined to use up! Right?

So, hopefully I'll be doing a little more posting, showing off some fabrics and sharing some shots of the quilts.

Here's a small picture of the 2nd one I made. This one actually is made out of all stash fabric. It's about 45x60 and is going off to live with my Grandniece soon.

This quilt was made following this Quilt a-long

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