Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas Goodies Galore

Long time, no posts!
I have been busy making stuff, just not cards. I have my first ever craft fair on November 20th and I've been busy making crafts other than cards. I initially was hoping to just sell my cards at the craft fair, but after reading some of the stories on Splitcoast Stampers I thought it would be prudent to have some other offerings.

The ideas for all of these items come from the craft fair thread on Split Coast Stampers

Reese's Stix. The tag is from Cricut Very Merry Tags. These use the 2x8in bags

Grinch Pills. The poem is found in the thread on Splitcoast Stampers, the image is from the internets. Lime green Sixlets for the "pills" from Nutsonline.com

Reindeer Poop. Topper and poem from The Cutting Cafe. Chocolate covered raisins for the "poop".

I still have more goodies that I've been making to share, but I'll space them out a bit.

Thanks for looking. If any of this looks fun to you, I urge you to give it a try; I've had a lot of fun making them.

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  1. Funny....just made a bunch of "pumpkin poop" bags for my daughter's class... 4 year-olds just love saying "poop" :)

    Good Luck!!


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