Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yay! My ProMarkers have arrived

When I first started in with making cards I couldn't help but notice how all those beautiful designers kept saying "colored with Copics", and occasionally "colored with Prismacolor pencils". I had no idea what they were talking about, but I knew I would love to achieve the effects that they were getting. Of course, just having the same tools does not mean my cards will look as nice. I am still struggling to learn the coloring techniques that give those pictures such depth.

Part of the problem has been that I don't have the proper tools. I found out that Copics were markers, great! I decided I would buy a few Ciaos and see if I could instantly be transformed into the colorist of my dreams! Without doing any research on how to buy, I picked out 12 colors that I thought I would use the most. All of you out there with experience are no doubt shaking your heads. The colors I picked were all over the place, none could be used with the others to create any type of shading or graduated look. I was despondent. I set them aside and really haven't bothered with them much since. I could, of course, buy more of these markers, but for my budget they are truly cost prohibitive.

Next came the Prismacolor pencils. I bought the 48 piece set, but didn't feel I had enough colors, so I purchased the 120 piece set. I like the colored pencils. I use them with Odorless mineral spirits and stumps. Lots of colors to choose from, and since I have a shaky hand, I don't worry too much about going outside of the lines. The only thing is that I still crave the vibrant look that one gets with the markers.

So, back to the online art supply store. I heard about Letraset Tria markers and how they compared with Copics, at only a fraction of the price. I have about 21 of the Trias and I have been happy enough with them, and with how I picked them out to work together.

Recently I stumbled upon some challenge blogs where they require the use of ProMarkers. Hmm, another contender. They cards these ladies are making with the ProMarkers look just as good as the Copic cards, so I decide to check them out. Promarkers are made by Letraset, too! And, they cost even less than the Trias, I suppose because they only have 2 tips and are not refillable. They only have about 148 colors, but if I combine them with the Tria line then that should be sufficient.

So all this to say that my ProMarkers have arrived today! I only ordered 24 to try them out, and somehow only ordered 1 in the green family, (don't know what I was thinking there), but there is a good possibility I will be going back to the well before long. At only $1.49 per marker, it will be hard to resist.

If anyone is interested, I found these at Carpe Diem Store

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